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Meteorfall’s WAAAGHin again by meteorfall
August 2, 2009, 7:28 pm
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Good day my fellow readers. As you may know, I played WAR before along with one of the other writers here, Mike. Well, I left WAR for about a month and a half after Patch 1.3 (Land of the Dead) came out, and I just recently got back into the game. Right now, I play as Lancast, a Magus on the Ironrock server, and I must say I’m having a lot of fun, way more than I expected.

I primarily un-subbed because the game stopped being interesting to me, it was becoming very repetitive and slow, and failed to keep my attention for long enough. After I started playing again (which I believe is right when patch 1.3.0b came out), I found the game more fun for some reason, the Land of the Dead was a great new addition in my opinion. While I haven’t participated in any of the Tomb content (both Vulture Lord and “lower-class” Tombs, being only R33 at the time I write this post), I’ve really been enjoying all the different PQs with the new interesting mechanics.


Anyways, this was just a little announcement about my return to WAR, so I’ll probably be the one posting about it the most (even though I’m sure my co-writers have a fuckton of WAR-related rants). Until then, keep reading, we’ll keep writing.

-WAAAGH Well, Meteorfall.


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Your on Iron Rock now? interesting I might have to reup my Sub, and show you how a Chosen is meant to be played. LOL!

Comment by theerivs

Looking forward to that Rivs, gwahaha. Even though it probably ain’t gonna happen ><

Comment by meteorfall

Nice to see you’re back chaps, I’ll update my blogroll now 🙂

Comment by forjador

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